TableTalk – a social media app

TableTalk allows users to plan and organize group dinners or individual dates.

Take the guesswork out of dating.

We have all been there. Blind dates, internet adventures – lots of uncertainty awaits during those first encounters. You move to a new city and want to make new friends. Or, you are the single friend and everyone else in your circle is married. That’s where TableTalk comes in.

Take control of your social life.

Whether you are the life of the party, or have trouble meeting people, TableTalk gives everyone the opportunity to expand their social circle tenfold.

How does it work?

Download the app, and the fun begins. Create a Table. You choose a restaurant, the date, time and table topic. Also choose whether you want to meet as a group, as a couple or if you want to meet someone for a date.

TableTalk connects you with potential partners and you can either reject or accept their offer to sit at your Table.

No more Tinder or other social media sites. Find what you need at TableTalk. Bring your appetite. TableTalk will help provide good company and great conversation.

Your table is waiting…..

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